HealthCare cartoon

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) report is out. 22 Million American citizens will lose their insurance; 15 Million of those in the Republican Party “Rich Get Richer Quicker” scheme’s 1st year of implementation alone but what else should we expect of a Republican Party that makes it easier for a mentally ill person to buy a gun than insurance and get treatment?

For those of us who still have insurance, the premiums and other costs will go up. If you are a republican or the Grim Reaper, what’s not to like? A psychopathic death panel made up of Trump, McConnell, Ryan, and their House and Senate accomplices, have come up with quite a plan. It’s a series of multi-layered rotating blades of death.

Winston Churchill once said of us Americans and I quote:

You can always count on Americans to do the right thing– after they’ve tried everything else.

So, we’ve gone from nothing, to a flawed step in the right direction called Obamacare, to now, an attempt to go not just back to nothing, but a minus plan, a worse than nothing plan that is really meant to be, a plan to give, not healthcare, but a massive Republican handout to republican benefactors, some of which will find its way back to them in the form of bribes called “campaign contributions.”

America’s cartoonists are expressing their patriotism by striking back, so, while we wait for that “right thing” that, as Churchill would say, we haven’t tried yet, ie. a Single Payer plan, similar to what the rest of the world’s major countries have, let’s take a look at some of what the cartoonist have been saying about the situation.

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