Safaree Is Giving His Former Boo Nicki Minaj Some Major Props | Music


Even though Brooklyn and Queens connected on the track and visual, it was anything but traditional Big Apple hip-hop. At least one person though, was paying attention to the song’s lyrics, and is giving props.

Safaree apparently checked out the latest song feature from his ex and particularly liked a bar Minaj spit on it. “Ayo I ain’t no hater so I gotta say that line ‘Ac just stop working so they hit me told me bring my wrist back’ is soooo hard hahah I love Icy talk  i can totally relate,” he wrote on Twitter. “Good job Nicki.”

If you can get past the, let’s say “different,” elements “FeFe” presents, Nicki does say some ish on it.

Safaree’s comments do kind of come as a surprise though. Since breaking up, the two have been caught going back-and-forth negatively in public on numerous occasions. It’s nice to see something positive come out of either one of them about the other.

Watch the video for “FeFe” below.



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