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Some Samsung Galaxy S8 users Complain of Reddish Displays

There's no perfect smartphone, yes, but manufacturers are expected to at least avoid bugs that are glaring problems, specially at launch. Considering how Samsung...


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Shame over sexual health makes us avoid the doctor, but these apps might help

Shame over sexual health makes us avoid the doctor, but these apps might help

We're taught to feel shame around our sexuality from a young age, as our bodies develop and start to function in ways we're unfamiliar...


Equal Pay for men and women

Should Equal Pay Day provide Rallying point for women in workplace?

WASHINGTON — Democrats in Congress will observe "Level in Pay Day" on Tuesday by reintroducing enactment to reinforce securities for ladies in the work environment,...


Mom Takes Sexy Selfies for Money and She Loves It

Between raising two children, being a housewife, and riding horses in her spare time, Instagrammer Summers VonHesse still finds time to make an income...
An angry pregnant wife has attacked her cheating husband

Jilted Wife Assaulted Her Husband’s Mistress, Stuffs Red Hot Chilis into Her Vagina

AN angry pregnant wife has attacked her cheating husband’s mistress by forcing red-hot chilli peppers into her vagina.Vietnamese media reports Ly Chanel, 23, had...

Food & Recipes

Eating algae, Stevia 2.0 and other nutrition trends for 2018

Last year was all about plant protein, sprouted foods and healthy fats. My prediction is that 2018 will be focused on eating to prevent...