Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8. credit: youtube

The iPhone 8 release date are delayed until November of 2017, based on a new Bloomberg report. Echoing similar reports we’ve seen sprout up within the previous few months, the report relays that Apple’s 2017 iPhone lineup will display three brand devices being new. Surely, there will be revamped iPhones in the form of a iPhone that is brand new and iPhone 7s Plus. But without question, the attraction that is main Apple’s upcoming iPhone lineup will soon be its 5.8-inch iPhone 8 that will likely wow users having an edge-to-edge OLED display.

As is often the situation, tremendous mobile innovations that are not always straight-forward affairs, which will be to say that Apple is seemingly encountering a couple of roadblocks in its effort to obtain the iPhone 8 ready for manufacturing. As we highlighted a couple days ago, Apple is seeing yields that are low the iPhone 8 display, most likely due to its need to embed the home button and the Touch ID sensor into the display itself. The iPhone 8 will perhaps be the only flagship unit having an advanced fingerprint recognition sensor embedded right into the display while other companies like Samsung have sleek looking edgeless displays.

Additionally, we’ve also seen indications that Apple’s component suppliers — namely those set to produce the iPhone 8 with advanced camera that is 3D — will require a bit more time to ramp up supply ahead of just what some analysts anticipate could be the mother of all of the iPhone upgrades.

Taken together, it is perhaps not surprising to see Mark Gurman of Bloomberg — who has a stellar record with respect to Apple rumors — relay that the highly anticipated iPhone 8 release may not happen “until one or two months after the typical fall introduction.”

Just what remains to be seen, though, is if Apple will release its pair of iPhone models which are 7s September as planned. Presumably here is the case, but one can simply imagine that the attraction of the iPhone that is newfangled may detrimentally impact iPhone 7s sales during the September to November timeframe.

Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone: reuters

Hopefully, the iPhone 8 definitely won’t be subject to too long of a delay just because a) iPhone fans have actually been waiting years for a redesign and b) Samsung’s recently unveiled s8 lineup that is smartphone seemingly garnered a large amount of praise from early reviewers.

As for what’s going on in Apple’s labs though we can only just hope that previously leaked reports of Apple going the Touch ID sensor to the back of the device are outdated at this point as we talk, the report relays that Apple is currently testing numerous devices. Provided Apple’s history, we’d endeavor to say that Apple will not release an iPhone 8 until it manages to figure a way out to seamlessly embed the Touch ID sensor into the display itself, as has been rumored for quite a while.

The iPhone 8 will more than likely be comprised of stainless metal and slightly curved glass as for the overall design. Notably, the iPhone 8 display shall curve to a much smaller level relative to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 devices. Furthermore, recent leakages claim that the iPhone 8 will feature 4mm bezels all over the device, therefore packing a display about the size of the gargantuan iPhone 7 Plus into a tool the size of the iPhone that is 4.7-inch.

The iPhone 8 will reportedly include a dual digital camera system integrated vertically for VR and AR purposes as for any other features. Also, the iPhone 8 may introduce new facial recognition and augmented reality features, not to point out faster hardware, more RAM (to the tune of 3GB), improved water and dust opposition, and last but not least, wireless functionality that is recharging.

In general, the iPhone 8 is arguably the most iPhone that is anticipated the initial was introduced nearly 10 years ago. Now, the question that is only if Apple can release the unit in September per usual.

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