North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un
North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un (Image: REUTERS)

Threatening Kim Jong Un with ’fire and fury’ will not stop him from pursuing his nuclear programme, former foreign secretary William Hague said last night.

And Russian President Vladimir Putin warned sanctions against the North Korean despot were “useless” and “ineffective”.

Mr Hague dismissed Donald Trump’s claim that “talking is not the answer”, saying East and West should work together to defuse the threat.

He said: “There are no sanctions that will deter him… necessary as they are to demonstrate international disapproval.

Lord Hague dismissed Donald Trump's claim
Lord Hague dismissed Donald Trump’s claim that ‘talking is not the answer’ (Image: PA)

“Nor will threatening ‘fire and fury’ or saying ‘talking is not the answer’ as President Trump did, because Kim will calculate that the US will not start a war that could be so catastrophic all round and the stronger he gets the less likely they will be to do so.”

He suggested China should investigate whether North Korea is receiving help from abroad.

Putin says incremental sanctions had not worked
Putin says incremental sanctions had not worked (Image: REUTERS)

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin warned against increasing military tensions with North Korea, which could lead to “global catastrophe”.

He said the US approach of imposing “incremental” sanctions had not worked.

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Speaking after a meeting of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in China, the Russian strongman said tougher sanctions would not lead to a change of leadership in Pyongyang, but could result in large-scale human suffering.

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